Kitchen Club

About Kitchen Club

Vision -

To create the most reliable B2C solution & become the first choice of an Indian kitchen. And fulfill the dreams of families & farmers by using most up to date and appropriate technology.

Mission -

  • Zero Tolerance on Adulteration in products supplied to our valued members.
  • To empower farmers is our motto.
  • Smiles in Kitchen and delicious recipes is our dream.
  • To keep Transparency, Traceability & Reliability within Kitchen Club.
  • Be Indian & proud to be Indian.

The Kitchen Club is our humble attempt at bringing together the world’s two most important aspects that have become an inherent part of every person’s life, ‘Food and E-Commerce.’ Our goal is to provide our customers with Fresh produce at their Fingertips within 24 hours of the products being harvested. Our model aims at helping the local farmers to earn a fixed income over their produce, thereby relieving them of their constant struggles.

We wish to merge the oldest form of business ‘Agriculture’ with the newest one ‘E-Commerce’ and gradually become the first choice of our consumers to provide them with the healthiest Farm Fresh Food they deserve. The Kitchen Club aims to take care of all your kitchen needs ranging from vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, and other grocery items to health tips, ready to cook recipes, and so on.

The Kitchen Club App is an online platform that allows users to order their kitchen needs from ‘Peas to Teas,’ thereby providing Farm Fresh Food at the customer’s doorstep.

  • Membership - Every member has to pay a nominal fee of Rs. 500, which gives them the right to be a valued Lifetime Member of the Kitchen Club. All transactions will be done through the mobile application which is supported by our robust ERP system.
  • Business Operation - Our products will be sourced from a group of dedicated local farmers who operate under expert supervision. Once the produce is harvested, it will go through quality check, will be packed under hygienic conditions at intermediate hubs, and will be transported to the customers’ kitchen through our reliable logistic system.
  • Logistics - Optimal transport and delivery plans have been created to supply the products in safe and clean trays and pouches. All delivery executives will be well trained to maintain extreme sanitation requirements.
  • Ordering - Requirements of the week will be ordered via mobile App and the delivery can be scheduled on our pre-selected days, i.e., Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Placing an Order five days prior to your desired delivery day allows us to ensure that you receive the fresh produce at the most reasonable price. A change in delivery can be allowed with a prior request. All the options in the mobile application are by click to facilitate easy ordering process and to enhance your Kitchen Club experience.
  • Pricing - To increase and sustain the earnings of farmers and producers, our purchase price will be fixed for the entire year. Additionally, our selling price on the App will also be fixed for the entire year.
  • Value to the Customer - Our goal is to reduce the customer’s annual kitchen budget as we keep our prices fixed and eliminate the variable factor.

Our prime objective is to supply our customers with high quality and hygienic products through a well-established delivery system. Help us make our initiative a successful endeavor.

Kitchen Club is owned and operated by "Efficient Management Services", Pune, India.