About Us

About US

We are "Efficient Management Services" company. We are launching a very new concept of ‘Kitchen Club’ to cater the needs of Indian Kitchens. We are introducing this concept in the city of Pune including Pimpri-Chinchwad. It is great and honour to know that in recent survey, Pune is No.1 city in India to live-in. Folks from all corners of India have become a part of Pune.

With this new concept, we want to bring smiles in our kitchen and also not to forget our Annadata (Farmers) due to their efforts our kitchen is full of joy and happiness. It is our duty to take care of these two ends of our community, Farmers and Families. So naturally our motto becomes “AtmaNirbhar Farmers and Smiling Families”

To address smiling families three things plays a vital role: -

  • Freshness - All vegetables and fruits or in that sense everything in our kitchen we want fresh and hygienic, that inspired us to make our tag line as “Farm to Fridge in 24 hours”
  • Taste - As folks in Pune City are from different parts of India with variety of taste and recipes. To fulfill their needs, we have crafted our product list very uniquely. Our vegetable category is over 100 varieties from “Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Sourashtra to Sikkim”. We are making genuine attempt to make the local taste available from all corners of India to kitchens in Pune.
  • Purity - All items in our kitchen including grocery always face severe adulteration and we suspect every item we bring in our kitchen. We are committed to our valued Kitchen Club Member’s safety and peace of mind. Naturally “Zero Adulteration, 100% Farm level Traceability ” is the only way.

With over 20 years’ experience in manufacturing and logistics, a platform is created keeping in mind the response time, Just in time, first time right – always right methodology. This platform has enabled us to produce premium quality in-house grocery products such as Masala, Flour (Atta), cooking Oil, and Dal using modern technologies. In addition to this, our future milestone is to continuously improve and promote innovative small-scale food product manufacturers through our Kitchen Club. We have also collaborated with the remarkable brands to launch their products on our E-commerce platform.

We are motivating a group of honest and hardworking farmers to produce hygienic products by dedicating the farms. Support will be provided through agriculture experts. Along with this, we are developing technology-based algorithm for yield prediction. A dedicated team of Kitchen Club continuously works on demand forecasting to comprehend the buyer demand pattern, and accordingly the farmers are requested to harvest crops.

‘Moving together’ is at the heart of what we are about. We want to empower our Indian farmers, logistic team and valued members. Being a good Indian, our duty is to pay for genuine efforts of farmers and support them to become ‘AtmaNirbhar and Proud Citizens’ of this great Nation India.

We are trying to bring every part of this Supply Chain under one umbrella and to become One Stop Shop.